Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ready, Set, Lets GROW! With C. Maria Wall

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 Featured Article in Global Sisterhood
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I know many may be hurting, I am too. One thing I have learned is how to smile through the pain, heartache and disappointment. Amazing how much strength we can derive from it and for those of us who can see the faces of our oppressors each time we smile see how it kills them inside. I strength lies in one of the hardest things we have to do; smile through our heartaches.
C. Maria

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The Ripples of F.O.C.U.S Females Offering Clarity Unity and Success Congratulate fellow sister 
C. Maria Wall and Dr. Shellie Hipsky on Common Threads Trilogy becoming an 
International Best Seller

Not just a series of books; it is a MOVEMENT and I am blessed to have been chosen to be a part of this God AWESOME event! 
100 Powerful Women Sharing 
Common Threads
December 13th Ready, Set, Lets GROW!


 We all stumble. Some fall. Yet, the greats rise up after adversity and inspire the world to do the same as well. Join Dr. Shellie Hipsky as she looks at awe-inspiring women from the 100 top interviews that she recorded for Empowering Women Radio.
Meet the Global Sisterhood and learn what keep them going through the challenges. This book includes the powerful stories of thriving by women who now have fabulous lives who conquered: domestic violence, extreme poverty, addictions, divorce, death of loved ones, and even a war camp and a kidnapping survivor. Some have inspirational stories of living their dreams on stage and screen or starting non-profits that are changing the world. All are ladies we can learn from and find inspiration.
Realize that we are never truly stuck. Others have hit rock bottom and climbed to the top. Enjoy and live your best life!

Available December 13, 2015


Just a simple reminder that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month Too!

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Many may go to bed in a relationship, with a job you may or may not love or you may have left a loved one in the hospital who is in anytime mode.  You wake up the next day and everything you knew the day before has changed.  The love of your life has moved on to love someone else, the job you had for years is gone for whatever reason and the person you adored may have taken their last breath overnight.  No matter the circumstance you woke up "single" this morning.
YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Time to work on your plan for HEAL and CHANGE!
You will received an email with your private link to our conference before our sessions begin. (check your spam folders if you do not see the email before start time)
This is about Relationship Recovery no matter how you ended up single we are here to talk it out then develop our plans to move forward in a positive way! Ready, Set, Lets GROW.
Being "Single" is more than just out of a relationship, it may include losing a job, stepping away from family, moving to a new area, divorce or even death of a loved on.  We will be talking about how to move on. 
Space is limited per group.  If you miss a session no worries it will be taped! 
Week Number 1- When Our World Shatters
Week Number 2- Cleaning Up the Mess
Week Number 3- Picking Up The Pieces
Final Week !
Number 4- Choosing The Best Pieces To Create A New Masterpiece
(Reassembly. Reassembling a new and better picture of life from the old broken pieces of your former life)


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