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MY 2 CENTS of CEREBRAL for today!

The Daily FOCUS: The Broken Masterpiece

For many once we are broken we tend to wallow in the broken shards of a life we lived once.  Some it was beautiful while others it was absolute torment. Time to choose the best pieces to created a beautiful new masterpiece.  Those pieces are the lessons learned not the pains and dissapointments endured. You see when we re create our new self we are rebuilt with the most resilient, beautiful, strong and unique pieces.  From your tragedies create you new triumph; from your pains find your new purpose.  Pick your best pieces then sweep the rest away! 

C Maria Wall
My 2 Cents of Cerebral

The Devils Deceivers will turn potentially great Christians into Crooks, Criminals and Crutches to support their lies and dirty deeds.  Be very careful what you fall into because you may be falling into a one way pit to hell.

Proverbs 10:9
Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.

My 2 Cents of Cerebral by C Maria Wall​

The WORD of the day is 'discipline"
YOU may have the perfect plan, intention, desire or purpose BUT if you do not have self DISCIPLINE everything else is just words spoken into the atmosphere that are going nowhere just like you!

My 2 Cents of Cerebral by C Maria Wall

The WORD of the DAY is "WORK"

Work towards:
Making your dreams come true
Your goals
Your purpose
and your Destiny
This is different from the places we go to for the pay checks; that place helps up acquire and maintain things we need to sustain life but it may not allow us to enjoy living.

When we "WORK" towards our true life missions, we are rewarded with that life worth LIVING and once we are gone our legacy will live on in the hearts of those we have touched.

When we WORK to sustain life we are forgotten easily
When we WORK in our purpose our legacy is remembered forever!

Ever notice how so many people at WORK talk about how someone died? Then after a time their job is abolished or they will be replaced.  They worked their entire Life and the reward is to be replaces.

When we leave this earth after working and walking in our purpose folks will not be able to stop talking about how you helped them in their lives.

REMEMBER to WORK towards NOT for

Just my 2 cents of Cerebral by C Maria Wall​

Do You Know Your Value and Worth?

My 2 Cents of Cerebral for today!

I saw this quote sometime ago and thought I would re-share and elaborate.  So my question is do you know why Rolls Royce and Bentley do not have commercials like other brands?

It is because they know their worth and value so the customers gravitate towards them.  I have said this many times when asked how I get connected to folks? MY response is always they find or come to me.

This is one of the reasons why I do not go to every event I am invited to and this is why I do not broadcast every achievement or accomplishment.

Many of us spend time running behind smoke screens and pipe dreams only to discovers at some point we have been used for a show of numbers or to add wealth to the pockets of the hosts.

When we know our value we do  not have to run behind others or beg people to show up or like and support because those who know will LIKE and SUPPORT.  Just because one does not see the Bentley commercials does not mean they are not selling.

Find your niche and know your worth.

My 2 Cents of Cerebral by
C Maria Wall​

Thank GOD IT'S MONDAY! 09/21/2015

GOD Morning Everyone! here is My Two Center of Cerebral" for today!

Why? many may ask.
Simply because there are many people who did not get this chance to WAKE UP today; another chance to set things right and enjoy a fresh start.

YEA I DO THANK GOD ITS MONDAY because I have another chance to dance and not care who is watching or to help someone else find their way back into the light; right a wrong.

My Two Cents Of Cerebral
C Maria Wall​

Live With An Open Mind; Die Empty!

I have experienced much in my time on this earth.  I am not talking about the heartache and pain; sometimes we need to give that negative talk a break.  I am speaking about my experience with different cultures and beliefs.  When we open our minds and allow views from the world in, we receive a mighty blessing called universal insight.  What was no yesterday becomes yes today; leaving your mind closed closes doors for you.  When one opens ones mind, ones mind is introduced to the world and all it has to offer.  Share what you learn and die empty because you have given all of your knowledge and experiences to others for them to continue the mission to make a difference.

Live with an open mind and die empty!

C. Maria

Those with NO LIFE will try to bring DRAMA TO YOUR LIFE always!

There are some people who will throw mess out there hoping it will cause riffs in other peoples lives.  Stupid folks should never try this trick with smart folks; it will turn out badly for the drama queens and kings and they will never see the "response" coming.

My 2 Cents of Cerebral by C. Maria Wall

My 2 Cents of Cerebral: The 180 effect = a U-Turn!

My 2 Cents of Cerebral: 10/13/2014
I have not done one of these in a long time!

Listen up Ladies and Gentlemen,

If the one you love does a 180 on you and becomes a stranger in your life, stop trying to hold on to someone who wants to be free!  Follow the LEAD and MAKE A U TURN so both of you are headed in opposite directions.  Be very thankful you were strong enough to walk away before they had the chance to become part of your lifetime! The Season is over, do not obsess over the reason.

C Maria Wall
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My Two Cents of Cerebral (My Mirror and ME)

Some people have experience so many heartache, pain and disappointments that they have lost faith in the one they see when they look in the mirror.  This is such an issue that many begin to hate, loathe and even wish harm to the person on the other end just to punish them for allowing such things to manifest in their lives. 

The issue is that the person standing on the outside needs to realize is the fact that things happen in this experience called life and sometimes many people tend to place burdens and blame on the man or woman in the mirror because they have become accustomed to being in the battles and struggles. There is no one there to blame but the reflective image in the mirror. 

Let's pretend you are on the other side of that mirror, what would you tell the person on the outside looking in? 

HEY you! I realize we have been through some rough patched and had to jump some really high hurdles but I am no more to blame than you are so stop it! I need you to believe in me so that WE can become strong enough to face whatever comes our way.  I will make a deal with you, if you believe in me I will believe in you; we can walk this road together and we will make it through.  

The moral of the story?  Just remember the person you see in the mirror is no more the cause of those heartaches and pains in your life than you are so stop playing the blame game. It will be OK and remember when the going gets tough you may have nobody to depend on but the person you see in the mirror.  BE nice to that person because he/she may be the only ally your have.  Believe in the BEAUTY that is you; you have won the hardest part of the battle! 

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